Hole In The Sky

It is a study and exploration of one of LA's most I conic establishments. Randy's Donuts, a perfect example of programmatic design, contributes the uniqueness LA life has to offer. It is a monument of space, time and culture.

The purpose of this project was to explore the influence this location that is carried to its visitors and neighborhood. My thesis was to question the true source of influence Randy's Donuts has on LA. I spent many days and hours in the middle of the jam-packed establishment, interviewing people and getting their stories and experiences. I also studied how the architecture influenced people’s behavior and interactions with one another. 

A handmade book was the final outcome of the project. Laid out and graphically designed by myself, the approach was a very contemporary to a subject that’s been around for decades. Everything was shoot on 35mm or 6x7cm film to maintain the feel and nostalgia of the location. The project has been shown in London, 2013.


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